Between Mars and April

It was cold in February when we first knew each other.  Autumn, a season that I hate but one that brings love, I always fell in love that time . Rain and thoughts, I hate to think when it’s raining, it must be a schizophrenic idea, I can’t explain  it anyway . Clouds and clothes, I wear summer outfits when it’s cloudy, I end up freezing but I l always look beautiful in cloudy days . cold days are almost over , the sky is blue and the weather is warm , it’s spring obviously , well Mars usually is hard on me , it is usually windy, the thing that get me feeling pissed every time I go out , my hair drives me crazy , it keep flying around and covering my eyes , and my clothes stick to my body , I really hate it . the wind of Mars takes the love February  brought me , usually I feel miserable in that month , a lot of feelings and breaks up , Fuck you Mars . April 4-3=1 , I’m lonely on April since Mars have taken my love , April is when the countdown to my exam starts , when the grass get greener and the weather becomes stable , I try to make efforts in this month but all of them fail . I look for love again , but I find just broken pieces , so I convince myself that love isn’t a necessary .

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